• Client : Aisin
  • Producer : Toshiki Kiriyama (Trunk)
  • Design : Hideki Yoshimoto
  • Engineering : Edward Slater + John Bertolaso
  • Photographs : Daisuke Oki

Aisin commissioned Tangent to create an installation for Milan Design Week 2017. The sculpture, depicting a 1:1 car in pure white and wrapped in thread to metaphorically resemble a cocoon, was crafted to envision the client's concept of a future where the relationship between car and user is more intimate. The silkworm's cocoon, known for its soft yet strong nature that shields the insect in its most delicate form, served as an analogy. This representation highlighted the enduring importance of protecting passengers, irrespective of how cars evolve. The sculpture's pure and organic form reflects a more engaging relationship between the car and the user.